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Security Escort Produkte

Central Console Software: SE2000 Series
  • Standard Windows based interface
  • Support for IP based connection
  • Automatic redundancy switching between master and slave computers
  • Printer (with XPS and GDI format) and page support
  • Shows alarm location, name, picture, and additional subscriber (user) information
  • Several databases record subscribers (users) or assets, system events, or component addresses
  • Multiple password‑protected security levels
  • Expandable to 5,000 or more subscribers (users)
EA102A-304 Empfänger, 304MHz
  • Buddy Check self‑testing
  • Indoor enclosure available
  • Outdoor enclosure available
  • Tamper switch
EA120B Alarmeinheit
  • Annunciates an alarm through the siren, strobe, or other third party switched device
  • Sends output to the siren and strobe to indicate a successful transmitter test
  • Is compatible with indoor enclosures
  • Is compatible with outdoor enclosures
  • Uses AC power with battery backup
  • Responds to central console commands sent through the transponder
EA500B Transponder
  • Sends alarm and test signals from the receiver to the central console
  • Supports a combined total of 64 receivers and alert units
  • Uses AC power with battery backup for all receivers
  • Provides power to SE485 interface and spread spectrum radio
  • Monitors receivers and alert units ten times per second for alarms, tests, tamper notification, and power loss
  • Reports alarms, tests, tamper notification, AC power loss, and backup battery status
SE2 Series Personnel Transmitters
  • Manual duress alarm
  • Man‑down alarm
  • Supervision
  • Test mode
  • Low battery indication
  • Belt clip attachment
SE3 Series Subscriber Transmitters
  • Test mode
  • Low battery indication
  • Key chain attachment
SE88 Series Panic Transmitters
  • Supervision
  • Manual duress alarm
  • Test mode
  • Low battery indication
  • Water resistant
SE3401 Sender für Meldererfassung, 304MHz
  • Supervision
  • Manual duress alarm
  • Low battery indication
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Mounting plate included